Achievement Unlocked – Second Draft Completed

While I’ve been suffering through the good ol’ “I can’t”s, I have successfully managed to complete the second draft of my novel! I am weeks behind my original set schedule, as I was hoping to complete and publish in August. At the rate I am going, this is very unlikely! However, the fact that I’ve come this far after so many failed attempts is amazing.

To try and get rid of my own anxieties on putting my work out there on my own, here is the first page, second draft of my novel!

The air was crisp as I walked into my apartment after a long day at work. It was about time that the seasons were beginning to change and soon the days would start to become increasingly shorter. Unfortunately for me, that meant that I was going to be missing the sunlight.

“You know,” I told Prince, my orange cat, when I walked into the living room. “I wish I had your life. All you do is lie around all day and snooze. You have quite the life.”

Prince responded with a meow, looking up momentarily from his feet-in-the-air pose. He blinked his eyes slowly at me.

I responded in kind before dumping my arm load of items onto the floor. “I need a lifetime long vacation,” I muttered mostly to myself as I kicked my shoes off.

I picked up the mail from the floor and, after stepping over my purse and coat, plopped down on the couch next to my purring cat. As soon as my behind hit the couch, he was on my lap, pushing his way through the mail and returning them to the floor to get attention.

“Thanks a lot,” I told him, snagging the final piece of mail that hadn’t quite managed to end up near my feet. Engaging the man with one hand, I tore open the vanilla colored envelope and peeked inside. The letter paper inside matched the envelope it came in.

Dear Thea,’ the letter began. I recognized the writing immediately. My best friend Lilly and I had met our first year in college and had grown close throughout our college years. Once we had graduated, we decided to keep in touch by writing. This was mostly because Lilly decided to spend most of her time overseas, traveling to various countries. Even 7 years after college, she was still traveling the world.

“How can you afford to travel so much?” I’d asked her the last time I’d seen her.

“Because I don’t travel to sightsee,” she’d responded with a smile on her face. “I’m traveling to teach.”

‘If anything I’ve been feeling is correct, then you haven’t been enjoying your corner office. I’ll be in the States again next week, why don’t you come visit me?

She was right, of course. Lilly had a sixth sense and with it, she was able to tell exactly how people were feeling. She had been telling me to quit my job for years, especially after I was promoted. All I wanted was a job where I could be a worker bee and someone else could do the managing, but with my promotion came planning, financial issues, and keeping track of people.

It was not how I expected my working life to turn out. I had grown up in some sort of fantasy land where I figured that the people around me would steer me in the right direction and things would just fall in to place. In a way, I was correct. I got a good education and a good job. In another way, I was completely incorrect. Somewhere, at some point in time, someone had forgotten to tell me that I’d end up managing.


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